How To Tell If A Movers Service Will Be Reliable


Long-distance moves can be harrowing, especially if you need to hire long-distance movers. A lot can go wrong in the 500 or so miles between your old home and your new one. The risks seem amplified when you entrust someone else with all of your possessions.

Although there is no surefire way to know that the movers you hire will be reliable, there are several things you can do to estimate if a moving company that you are considering is a good choice or not.

1. Check Their Reviews

Just like a restaurant or hotel, movers often have reviews posted online. Don't just look at ratings, though, because some reviewers have varying opinions of how many stars a service should earn. Read through any reviews you can find thoroughly to gain an understanding of what other people have actually experienced using the moving company. Be sure to read reviews listed on neutral, verified websites in order to avoid review scams.

2. Read the Contract Thoroughly

Before hiring long distance movers, ask for a copy of the moving company's contract. A moving service (such as Right Move Moving & Storage movers) is more likely to reliable if their contract holds them accountable for damages, timing errors, and other controllable factors. Read the contract thoroughly and be sure to look at these points:

  • Who is liable if items get stolen, are lost, or are broken?
  • What happens if the moving truck gets stalled somewhere and your possessions arrive at your new home late?
  • Does the company make any guarantees, and if so, what are you entitled to if they fail to keep them?

3. Learn About Their Process

When your possessions are transported a long distance, the truck they are carried in may change hands. The truck may have to park somewhere overnight. In some cases, moving companies even move your possessions from one truck to another at a transfer point. Talk to potential movers about their process to find out what the least risky option is. 

4. Find Out About their Staff and Equipment

Unfortunately, moving company scams are fairly easy to pull off. Scammers can pose as an established company simply by making a fake website and renting a truck for your moving day. To help ensure that the movers you hire are legitimate and reliable, ask ahead of time for bios of moving staff and a complete list of the equipment the moving company has available. Get as much of this type of information in writing as possible as evidence of the promises made to you. Many scammers will be scared off if you start asking such questions. 


10 March 2015

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