Arthritis Pain & Relocation: How Local Movers Can Help Out


Do you need help moving to a new home because your arthritis limits the use of your hands? You can get the job done without having to experience a lot of pain if you hire local movers to help you out. Find out below how a moving company can help you get packed up and moved with little to no help on your part.

How Can Local Movers Assist Someone Suffering from Arthritis?

The extent of help provided through a moving company will depend on what you pay for. You can pay for the movers to do all of the packing if your hands hurt too much to do anything. However, you can also opt for packing up some of the boxes on your own if you can cope with a certain amount of arthritis pain. Participating in part of the moving process can save you money.

If it is lifting boxes that you are worried about, the movers can lift everything for you so no strain will be on your hands. The great thing about hiring movers is that they work in groups to get you moved fast. The movers will also make use of one or more dollies to get your belongings safely in the moving truck.

You may also find that local movers are beneficial when it comes to arranging furniture at your new house. Pushing heavy furniture can be just as painful as lifting when you have arthritis, so the movers can help you avoid the pain. Besides assistance with arranging furniture, the movers will make unpacking boxes easy for you by labeling and placing them in the appropriate room in the new house. Unpacking the boxes can be done for you if you desire it to be done.

How Much Do Local Movers Charge to Help Out?

The price charged by local movers will depend on the size of your home and how much stuff you have. You can expect to be charged an average of $100 to $1,800 for assistance with your move. However, the lower end of the price range is for something the size of a studio apartment. The services that you need will also have an effect on the price rate.

You can get moved in a smooth manner without having to suffer through arthritis pain. Get in touch with a local moving company to set an appointment for assistance on the day of your move! For more information, contact a business like Canadian Van Lines.


3 April 2015

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