Using A Storage Unit To House Wine


If you are in the process of moving to another home in your town, and you have an extensive collection of wine, you may want to use a storage unit to hold your investment until you are able to have a new wine storage area built in your new house. A storage unit makes a great place to stash your alcohol until you are able to transport it to your new home. Here are a few tips to use when using your storage unit as a makeshift wine cellar. 

Select The Right Unit

When housing wine, temperature becomes a concern. It is preferred to use a climate-controlled storage unit service as wine should be kept at a temperature between 45 degrees and 65 degrees for optimal flavor. You will have your own thermostat control to select your preferred temperature in the unit, allowing you crank up the coolness when it is warm outside.

Take An Inventory

Before you place your wine bottles into a storage unit, make a list of each bottle including the name of the wine, the type of wine, and the date it was bottled. This information will be handy should you decide you would like to sample a specific brand or flavor. You would be able to look up the information to see if you have it in your inventory before spending money on a bottle at a liquor store. Instead, you could take a trip to your storage unit to pick up the desired wine bottle. It is also important as the taste of wine becomes less palatable after being in storage for too long. This will help you decide which bottles should beconsumed first. 

Set Up The Area

If you have existing wine racks and you will be moving to your new home after the wine cellar is built, you can transport them to your storage unit using a pickup truck. Many storage units will have dollies available to haul large items to your area.

If the wine cellar you currently use has installed racks you cannot remove, you will need to borrow racks or build racks from wood boards before bringing your wine to the unit. If building, bring your materials to the storage unit to construct the racks inside the enclosure rather than having to transport them to the facility.

Ask a local wine distributor for suggestions as to where you can locate temporary racks for your wine collection. They may know of someone in the area who has some for sale or they may allow you to borrow a few if you are a loyal customer.

Place the racks along the perimeter of your storage unit. Make sure the wine bottles' corks will be facing toward the center of your storage unit as you place the bottles in their slots. Number each wine bottle and match up the corresponding number to the list you had made when you were doing an inventory. This will help you find a specific bottle very easily.


13 October 2015

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