4 Storage Tips For Your Baby Stuff


It's a smart idea to hold onto your baby items if you plan to add onto your family in the future. Cribs and other baby furniture, along with clothing and toys, can all be reused. A storage unit is an inexpensive way to keep these items safe, without taking up precious space in your home. These tips can help you store everything successfully.

Tip #1: Wash Everything Thoroughly

Milk and formula stains on clothing can become permanent if they aren't thoroughly removed before storing the items. They may even attract insect pests, which will then feed on the fibers of the clothing. Use an laundry detergent or pretreatment that contains an enzymatic cleaner to remove these stains. These cleaners will also get stains out of crib mattresses and anything with upholstery that you are storing. Finally, wipe down or wash all hard items, such as toys and baby bathtubs, that you are planning to store.

Tip #2: Opt For Plastic

Plastic storage tubs are the preferred choice for clothing and fabric items, such as crib sheets. These will keep out any pests, just in case you missed a stain. Opt for tubs that are the same size to make them easier to stack. If you must use cardboard, line them with plastic garbage bags first to add some protection.

Tip #3: Label Wisely

Chances are you won't need all your baby items at once. For this reason, you need a system. First, make sure you keep items together based upon the age or development of your child. For example, newborn items in a single box or tub. When it comes to clothing, separate it by age and size. Finally, label the outside of every container with the contents and size of the items, as applicable. This will make finding everything a breeze later.

Tip #4: Disassemble Without Stress

Some items are more easily stored when disassembled, such as cribs or baby swings. Before taking these apart, take a photo off them assembled, along with close-ups of any tricky parts. Then, place all screws and hardware into a thick plastic storage bag and label the bag. Place copies of your photos in the bag, too. It's best to store the bag with the item, perhaps by taping it to an area that can't be damaged by the tape. In the unit, lay furniture items on top of pallets or stand them up against a wall. Moisture can seep through concrete floors, which will damage wood items laid directly on top of it.


14 October 2015

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