Five Items That Cannot Be Shipped By Courier


Courier services can be a great option when it comes to same day delivery services. However, customers do need to be aware that there are certain items that most courier companies do not transport. Here are five items that cannot be shipped by courier.

1. Firearms

There are no courier services in Canada that will transport firearms. However, firearms can be transported via Canada Post. There are certain guidelines that must be met, including:

  • The shipper must comply with all Canadian Firearms Centre regulations
  • Firearms must be unloaded
  • Firearms cannot be shipped by air

It is important to note that firearms can never be shipped to an international destination.

2. Currency

It is not a good idea to try to get currency of any kind shipped by courier. Different types of currency that cannot be shipped include:

  • Cash
  • Bank bills
  • Coins
  • Endorsed Checks

If currency needs to exchange hands on the same day, it is best to either wire it or send it electronically.

3. Paintings

Paintings are another item that cannot usually be shipped by courier. This includes any type of artwork that has been created by a person's artistic ability or one that is to be displayed or is part of a collection. Other forms of artwork that couriers don't normally ship include vases, sculptures, drawings, and limited edition prints.

4. Plants

Plant pests are the main reason plants cannot be shipped by courier in Canada. Plant pests include insects, other plants, and microorganisms. Plant pests can cause a lot of damage that can end up being quite costly. Cut flowers are also prohibited from being shipped by courier.

5. Live Animals

It should be obvious why live animals cannot be shipped by courier. Containing a live animal for shipping is not only dangerous for the animal but can be dangerous for those handling it as well. These stipulations also apply to the following:

  • Live insects
  • Live poultry
  • Larva
  • Eggs
  • Animal carcasses

Animals also carry diseases that can be spread to both humans and other animals. If your pet needs to be shipped from one location to another, there are cargo and pet relocation companies that are equipped to ship pets and other live animals.

While most courier companies do not transport the above listed items, it is always the best policy to check with the individual company, as each might have its own restrictions. Most courier companies also have the right to open and inspect any suspicious-looking package.

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2 November 2015

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