Tips For Moving In And Out Of College Apartments


If your child is going away to college for the first time or is moving within their college town, this is a specific kind of move. Be there to help with some efficient solutions for your child. Here are four tips when it comes to moving your child in and out of dorms and apartments in college.

1. Do Initial and Final Walkthroughs with Landlords

College towns can be notorious for taking advantage of renters. College kids often are in their first rental situation and might not understand their rights or have a hard time getting back their deposit. Make sure that your child does walkthroughs when they move in and out and document any initial damage or wear and tear with photos or on paper.

2. Pair up with Others for Moving and Storage to Save Money

If your child will be in a roommate situation, this can call for various different types of environments and there might be a limit on space. If your child will be sharing furnishings with others, they might have an extra couch or TV that is better. If your child and others want to split a storage unit to keep unused items safe for the year, this can also save money. If roommates are moving in and out at the same time or putting things in storage for the summer, they can split moving costs as well.

3. Measure Spaces and Furnishings

Apartments and living situations in college towns come in all shapes and sizes. Your child might end up in a small studio apartment or a building with narrow hallways and doorframes. Be sure to have your child measure all furnishings before moving day to ensure that their big desk or comfy sofa will fit through the door.

4. Make Sure that Safety is a Priority

Moving in and out of apartments can cause individuals to be targets for thieves. If your child is moving either with a moving company, such as Precisely Right Moving, or with friends, remind them to be smart about the process. Moving during the day will detract opportunists from taking off with items. Be that sure at least one person stays with the truck or your child's new home while moving to discourage thieves.

Your child might move several times in college and might be a pro at this once they graduate. Do what you can to help them through their first moves as an adult. Your child isn't just in college to learn in class, but to learn valuable life skills as well.


4 January 2016

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