Four Tips For Packing Fragile Items


When you start preparing for your upcoming move, you might be wondering how to properly pack and move fragile items. You need to be extra careful with these items and be sure you have the right moving supplies. Here are some tips for packing and moving your fragile items.

Use Bubble Wrap For Lightweight Items

If your fragile items are on the small or lightweight side, such as glassware, figurines, and candy dishes, use bubble wrap. This is easy to buy in bulk, inexpensive, and good at protecting such items. It is a good idea to start lining the bottom of the boxes with a piece of bubble wrap, then covering individual items. You can also add extra protection by putting sheets of the bubble wrap between layers of items. Avoid using newsprint to cover items unless it has no ink on it. Ink can transfer to glassware like china, so it should be avoided. Plus, it doesn't provide nearly as much protection as bubble wrap.

Cover Large Items in Foam Padding

For larger items that are fragile, such as televisions and video game consoles, use foam padding. This comes in larger pieces and is easier to cover large or bulky items. Bubble wrap can be used, but it requires taping together a lot of it for larger items. You are better off using foam padding. Make sure when taping the padding around the items, you overlap the foam, and apply tape only on the foam. Don't put tape on your electronics or other heavy fragile items.

Get Dividers For Glassware

When you are getting ready to pack glassware, it helps to have dividers. While you can wrap each cup and bowl in individual pieces or bubble wrap, this gets time consuming and makes it hard to find places in boxes for the items. The best way to transport glassware is by getting corrugated dividers that fit into your moving boxes. They are corrugated so you already have a little protection from breaking, while the dividers help to keep the glasses from clinking together.

Mark All Fragile Items

Do not simply put these boxes aside, and let the movers know they are fragile. Once they are loaded into the moving truck, the person retrieving them might lose track. The best thing you can do is label each box on all sides to be sure everyone handling the boxes knows to be as careful as possible. This also helps because the movers will place the boxes carefully in the truck. They will not have other heavy items placed in front of or on top of them where the fragile items could break from impact.

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29 January 2016

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