Planning A Move? Find Out If You Will Need To Pay These Extra Fees


There are some cases when you're moving where you need to incur additional charges in addition to the base charge. Here are some of these potential extra charges:

Elevator Carry

Moving things up or down an elevator takes more energy than simply moving them in and out of the house at a ground level. In some cases, the movers even have to make numerous trips up and down due to the weight limits of the elevators. Therefore, some moving companies will charge you for the additional resources needed to move items up or down the elevator.

Expedited Service

If you only have a few things to move, then a typical moving company will consolidate them with other items going the same route. For example, if two people within the same neighborhood each has half a truck of goods to move to the same town, they may be consolidated to save on resources. This means if you are ready before the other person, your delivery may have to wait until the other party is ready to move. However, you can pay an expedited service fee so that your goods are delivered on a guaranteed date whether or not they are consolidated with other items.

Appliance service

When moving most types of large appliances, you just don't pick them up and throw them at the back of the moving truck. There are usually preparatory measures to take to ensure the appliances will be functional upon delivery. For example, you may have to drain and clean appliances that use water. You can either take care of these preparations on your own or you can pay an appliance fee to the moving company to handle them on your behalf.

Shuttle or Long Carry Service

Most moving companies have a maximum distance where they should park from your house. This makes sense because if they will spend a lot of resources to load and unload your good if they are forced to park a long way from your house. For example, the movers may have to carry your items one by one to the moving truck or pack them into smaller vehicles before transferring the items to the main moving truck. If that is the case, then you should prepare to pay a long carry or shuttle fee for the additional work.

Storage Fees

If your good will be delivered before the destination house is ready, then you will need a place to keep them while you prepare your new home. Most moving companies will keep your items for you, for a small fee, until you can actually move them into your new house.

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26 September 2018

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