Planning A Move? Find Out If You Will Need To Pay These Extra Fees


There are some cases when you're moving where you need to incur additional charges in addition to the base charge. Here are some of these potential extra charges: Elevator Carry Moving things up or down an elevator takes more energy than simply moving them in and out of the house at a ground level. In some cases, the movers even have to make numerous trips up and down due to the weight limits of the elevators.

26 September 2018

Moving Tips For The Mobility Challenged


Moving is a stressful time for anyone, but it can be even harder if you are disabled or have mobility issues. If you use a wheelchair, cane, or other device, trying to pack and load boxes can be not just challenging, but nearly impossible. Fortunately, professional movers can make the entire process easier. The following is a short checklist of the services you should request to fit your special needs.

3 June 2016

Making Cash After Moving To A New Town


So you just moved into a new town and your first paycheck isn't going to show up for a few weeks. As a result, you're a little strapped for cash. Don't fret! There are a variety of things that you can do to make money in a new town. Many of these methods will also help you get rid of unnecessary items. Recycle Moving Boxes After you have emptied your old moving boxes, you can recycle them in various ways to make money.

4 February 2016

Making Your Moving Service More Affordable


If you are getting ready to move into a new home and you already know that you are going to need professional help, then you are likely worried about how much hiring a moving company is going to cost you. However, before you assume that you need to pay top dollar for your moving company, there are many options, methods, and opportunities that can help you save money when hiring professional movers.

4 February 2016

Four Tips For Packing Fragile Items


When you start preparing for your upcoming move, you might be wondering how to properly pack and move fragile items. You need to be extra careful with these items and be sure you have the right moving supplies. Here are some tips for packing and moving your fragile items. Use Bubble Wrap For Lightweight Items If your fragile items are on the small or lightweight side, such as glassware, figurines, and candy dishes, use bubble wrap.

29 January 2016

Tips For Moving In And Out Of College Apartments


If your child is going away to college for the first time or is moving within their college town, this is a specific kind of move. Be there to help with some efficient solutions for your child. Here are four tips when it comes to moving your child in and out of dorms and apartments in college. 1. Do Initial and Final Walkthroughs with Landlords College towns can be notorious for taking advantage of renters.

4 January 2016

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Your Business To A New Location


Moving your business to another location is never fun. It takes a lot of time and effort to make sure everything goes through smoothly and efficiently. You also want to minimize downtime so as not to affect your bottom line as much. However, you don't want to end up making a mistake that could cost you in the end. Here are three mistakes you want to avoid as you prepare to move your business to a new location.

3 January 2016

A Guide To Successfully Taking Apart And Moving Your Pool Table


Moving a pool table is not the easiest task. Fortunately, it is something you can do on your own with a few tips. However, it is going to be in your best interests to have someone assist you to avoid straining yourself. Take it all Apart Considering how big and heavy a pool table is, the first step is taking it apart. When you start tearing it down you need to keep up with the parts.

3 November 2015

Five Items That Cannot Be Shipped By Courier


Courier services can be a great option when it comes to same day delivery services. However, customers do need to be aware that there are certain items that most courier companies do not transport. Here are five items that cannot be shipped by courier. 1. Firearms There are no courier services in Canada that will transport firearms. However, firearms can be transported via Canada Post. There are certain guidelines that must be met, including:

2 November 2015

Two Tips To Help Make Storage Unit Rental More Affordable


Whether you're downsizing to a smaller home, or simply need a place to store your holiday decorations, a storage unit can be an invaluable way to increase your available storage space. However, if your budget is already stretched thin, you may believe that you just don't have the extra funds you need to make storage rental a reality. While you may think that renting a storage unit is out of reach, use this information to learn more about techniques you can use to make storage rental more affordable.

17 October 2015